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Scientia et Eruditio

The Journal of the Faculty of Education of the University of Trnava (Scientia et Eruditio) is a peer reviewed journal publishing periodically the scholarly articles on various aspects of human, social, and natural sciences. It is a direct continuation of the Faculty’s periodical proceedings published in 1997 – 2016. Up to 2002, it was published in the printed form, in 2003 it became electronic.

The Journal publishes research papers with emphasis on young academics and doctoral students. It comes out three times a year, carrying original research from the field of natural sciences, human sciences as well as social sciences in Slovak, English and German (occasionally in another world language as well) and Czech. The papers, especially in human and social sciences, are expected to reflect the fact that the publisher is a faculty of education, i.e. an institution with specific mission – the education of new generations of teachers and workers in other social and supporting professions.

The Journal publishes only such articles which meet the above stated criteria. The editorial board reserves the right to accept or reject the papers, or, based on a review process, to require some revisions to be made. The author is fully responsible for the paper’s originality, both regarding its content and form. The papers are submitted to a blind peer review.

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