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Department of English Language and Literature

Workplace Characteristics

The Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Education of the Trnava University in Trnava (DoELaL FoE TU) offers in its accredited study programmes the study of English language and literature in Bachelor’s (Bc.) and Master’s (MA.) degrees of study. In both degrees of study English language and literature is studied in a combination with another major. In newly accredited study programmes the department offers new obligatory, obligatory­‑optional and optional subjects in accordance with the needs and requirements of the practice.

The study of English language and literature at first and second degrees of university study is focused on a high­‑quality professional preparation of the future foreign language teachers who will find their jobs as qualified teachers at primary or secondary schools, or in other fields where the knowledge of English language is required.

During the study the students of English language and literature have a chance to acquire a whole complex of linguistic, literary and didactic knowledge, acquire a high competence in language skills and apply the acquired knowledge in teaching practice at training schools supervised by experienced training teachers and resourceful teachers of didactics.

Within further education DoELaL FoE TU is authorized to realise rigorous proceedings with the focus on theory of English language and literature teaching.

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