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4. 12. 2021, last week

Dear colleagues and students, let us invite you to the annual LLCE2021 conference.  The main topics for…read more »

20. 10. 2021, before last month

In the summer semester, we are planning to organize study trips to various English-speaking countries…read more »

4. 5. 2021, this year

Are 2020s interesting times to live in? Are they as roaring as Fitzgerald’s 1920s? How do you see your…read more »

19. 3. 2021, this year

1. 3. 2021, this year

1. 3. 2021, this year

11. 2. 2021, this year

Apply to become a member of the students’ scientific group…read more »

18. 2. 2021, this year

  Dear colleagues, dear students, Unfortunately, the situation with the coronavirus pandemic is not improving…read more »

9. 2. 2020, last year

Dear colleagues, students, and friends,   this is our call to help us choose the best KAJL students’…read more »

23. 1. 2020, last year

26. 11. 2019, before last year

Icelandic is often referred to as the language of the Sagas. It belongs to the category of Germanic languages…read more »

15. 11. 2019, before last year

EnetCollect is a large international network funded as a COST Action (CA16105) currently involving more…read more »

22. 2. 2019, before last year

7. 11. 2018, three years ago

22. 8. 2018, three years ago

7. 3. 2018, three years ago, updated: 21. 3. 2018, three years ago

A huge thank you to: all KAJL students who organized and prepared our little celebration; her Excellency…read more »

17. 3. 2018, three years ago

It is our great honour and pleasure to announce that our department is about to start a new inspiring…read more »