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prof. PhDr. Ivan Lukšík, CSc.

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  Room: 615
  Extension: 569
  E‑mail: e-mail
  Tutorial: Tuesday 13:30 – 14:30, 16:30 – 17:30
  Research/art/teacher profile of a person: ikonaRATP
  Ivan Lukšík, PhD., Associate Professor, social psychologist and pedagogue. He is engaged in research aimed at education and care for marginalized children and children in difficult life situations. He deals also with the transition of young people from institutional care to ordinary life as well as social and educational issues of sexuality, gender and reproduction. He is co­‑author of publications Children in difficult situations, School culture and culture of residential care facilities and Sexuality and gender in the social and educational context. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Human Affairs. He participates in the implementation of projects focused on institutional care, poverty and marginalization of children, sexual and reproductive health in cooperation with WHO, IOM and other organizations.

Selected Publications

  • Lukšík, I. 2012. Osoba v kontextoch a textoch (Person in contexts and texts). Bratislava : Geotropos, 2012. 97 s. ISBN 978­‑80­‑969238­‑4­‑7.
  • Lukšík, I. 2013. Q­‑metodológia: faktorové zobrazenie ľudskej subjektivity (Q-Methodology: factor representation of the human subjectivity). Trnava : Pedagogická fakulta Trnavskej univerzity v Trnave, 2013. 76 s. ISBN 978­‑80­‑8082­‑584­‑3.
  • Lukšík, I. – Lemešová, M. 2013. Deti v ťažkých životných situáciách (Children in difficult life situations). Trnava : Typi Universitatis Tyrnaviensis. ISBN 978­‑80­‑8082­‑762­‑5.
  • Lukšík, I. – Marková, D. 2012. Sexual lifestyles in the field of cultural demands. Human Affairs : Postdisciplinary Humanities and Social Sciences Quarterly, 22, 2, p. 227–238.
  • Lukšík, I. (Ed.), Škoviera, A. – Pukančík, M. – Svetlíková, J. – Fülöpová, E. – Lemešová, M. – Smetanová, D. 2012. Kultúra škôl a výchovných zariadení (School culture and culture of residential care facilities). UK: Bratislava, 2012. 214 s. ISBN 978­‑80­‑223­‑2962­‑0.
  • Lukšík, I. – Zápotočná, O. 2010. Kultúra školy a občianska participácia (School culture and civic participation). In Jana Plichtova (ed.) – Občianstvo, participácia a deliberácia na Slovensku: teória a realita. Bratislava : VEDA, vydavateľstvo Slovenskej akadémie vied, 2010.
  • Popper, M. – Bianchi, G. – Lukšík, I. – Supeková, M. – Ingham, R. 2005. The Social Context of Sexual Health Among Young People in Slovakia: Comparisons with the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. In Sexuality and Gender in Postcommunist Eastern Europe and Russia. New York­‑London­‑Oxford : The Haworth Press, 2005. S. 365–390. ISBN 0­‑7890­‑2293­‑1.
  • Stenner, P. – Bianchi, G. – Popper, M. – Supeková, M. – Lukšík, I. – Pujol, J. 2006. Constructions of Sexual Relationships : A Study of the Views of Young people in Catalunia, England and Slovakia and their Health Implications. Journal of Health Psychology, 11, 5, 2006, s. 669–684.
  • Lukšík, I. – Supeková, M. 2003. Sexualita a rodovosť v sociálnych a výchovných súvislostiach (Sexuality and gender in the social and educational context). Bratislava : Humanitas, 2003. ISBN 80­‑89124­‑01­‑1.
  • Lukšík, I. – Mayer, V. 2004. Sociokultúrne otázky AIDS (Socio­‑cultural issues of HIV/AIDS). Bratislava : Občianske združenie sociálna práca, 2004, ISBN 80­‑89185­‑01­‑0.

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