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prof. PhDr. Branislav Pupala, CSc.

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  Room: 621
  Extension: 557
  E‑mail: e-mail
  Tutorial: Tuesday 10:00 – 12:00
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  Prof. Branislav Pupala, PhD. – Professor of Early Childhood Education at Trnava University, Faculty of Education. He is also senior research fellow at Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava where he founded with his colleagues the Centre for Research in Education. In education, he has been working more than 25 years – at the theoretical, political and also practical level. His main focus in research is policy in the field of early childhood education and care, curriculum development, comparative/international studies in ECEC.

At Trnava University he is director of the undergraduate program in preschool and primary education and co­‑director of the program Education and Health Care in Developing Cooperation. He is also director of the master’s program in Preschool Education and director of the PhD program in education (including preschool education). In 2016 at Trnava university, Faculty of Education he also founded The Kenya centre for early childhood and preschool education studies and he is the head of this centre.

At the Faculty of Education he leads the courses: School Management and Administration, Theory of Education, Research in Curriculum and Instruction. He is supervisor of MA and PhD students in education.

In 2013 he became the group head of the team responsible for developing and implementing the new national curriculum for preschool education in Slovakia. He is Honorary Chairman of Slovak Association for Early Childhood International (SACEI). He works as a member of the working group of Slovak accreditation committee he is also the group head of the preschool education committee at the State Education Institute in Bratislava.

At international level, currently he has developed cooperation with scholars from universities in USA, India, New Zealand, Russia, Kenya etc.

Selection of the contemporary published research outputs: https://www.​researchgate.​net/​profile/​Branislav_​Pupala/​publications otvárané v novom okne
(obvykle ide o externý odkaz)

Selected Publications

  • Pupala, Branislav: Teória a prax primárneho vzdelávania. [on‑line]. Trnava : Pedagogická fakulta Trnavskej univerzity v Trnave, 2013. ISBN 978­‑80­‑8082­‑607­‑9. otvárané v novom okne
(obvykle ide o externý odkaz)
  • Pupala, B.: „Narcis“ vo výchove. Pedagogické súvislosti individualizmu. Bratislava : VEDA/Typi Universitatis Tyrnaviensis, 2004. ISBN 80­‑224­‑0824­‑7.
  • Z. Kolláriková, B. Pupala (eds.): Předškolní a primární pedagogika/Predškolská a elementárna pedagogika. Praha : Portál, 2001. ISBN 80­‑7178­‑585.
  • B. Pupala, O. Zápotočná.(eds.): Rané štúdie o ranej gramotnosti. Bratislava : UK, 2003. ISBN 80­‑223­‑1806­‑X.
  • Held, Ľ. – Pupala, B.: Psychogenéza žiakovho poznania vo vyučovaní. Bratislava : PdF UK, 1995, 110 s. ISBN 80­‑967362­‑7­‑2.
  • Pupala, B., Mašková, M.: Slovensko na mapách detí: detská naivná kartografia. Pedagogika, 47, 1997, č. 4, s. 317–328.

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