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doc. PaedDr. Kristína Žoldošová, PhD.

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  Room: 615
  Extension: 569
  E‑mail: e-mail
  Tutorial: Wenesday 8:00 – 9:30 
Friday 8:00 – 9:30
  Research/art/teacher profile of a person: ikonaRATP
  Associate professor Kristina Zoldosova, PhD. is graduated in specialization of science education teaching for lower level of secondary education and further aimed at pre­‑primary and primary science and technology education. She has gotten her PhD. in 2002. The thesis has been aimed at usage of outdoor scientific activities for incensement of motivation to learn science at primary school level. She is preparing pre­‑service teachers so they will be able innovate the pre­‑primary and primary science and technology education. She also dispose with expertise in in­‑service teacher training aimed at re­‑construction of pre­‑primary and primary science education towards development of science literacy.

The main area of her interest is based on innovation of preschool and primary science education. She deals the actual problems of science literacy development in Slovak educational environment. Out of quite wide topic of science literary development she is actually aimed at science process skills used while the scientific knowledge is built. She is trying to find the easiest way how to implement inductive teaching strategies (as Inquiry Based Science Education) into relatively conventional Slovak educational system so it will work and move the educational results forward.

Actually she is the leading author of national science curriculum for ISCED 0 and ISCED 1 levels of education system in Slovakia.

Selected Publications

  • Žoldošová, K.: Analýza situácie v primárnom prírodovednom a technickom vzdelávaní. In Kaščák, O. – Žoldošová, K. (Eds.): Námety na reformu počiatočného vzdelávania. Bratislava : Renesans, 2007, ISBN 978­‑80­‑88707­‑90­‑5, s. 175–223.
  • Žoldošová, K.: Východiská primárneho prírodovedného vzdelávania. Bratislava : VEDA/Typi Universitatis Tyrnaviensis, 2006.
  • Žoldošová, K., Prokop, P.: Causal attribution of school success investigated by q­‑metodology. Paidagogos. ročník 5, 2005, č. 2, # 1, ISSN 1213­‑3809.
  • Žoldošová, K., Held, Ľ., Kirchmayerová, J., Kvasničák, R., Prokop, P., Slanicay, J.: Prírodovedné vzdelávanie v teréne. Trnava : Pedagogická fakulta TU, 2004.
  • Zoldosova, K. – Prokop, P.: Analysis of Motivation Orientation in Science Education. International Journal of Science and Mathematic Education, Vol. 4, No. 4/December, 2006, 669–688.
  • Zoldosova, K. – Prokop, P.: Education in the Field Influences Children’s Ideas and Interest toward Science. Journal of Science Education and Technology, Vol. 15, No. 3 – 4/October, 2006, 304–313.

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